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"I have never tried to cook like a chef. I have always cooked the way my mother and grandmother did, and that seems to please people more. There has to be a basic honesty about food, and it has to come from your soul." - Chef Priya Sebastian

The idea was to create an environment that is elegant without being stuffy and provide innovative food that had all the classic elements of South Indian and major North Indian cuisine. Priya, the owner and chef, has tried to address the most heard of complaint about Indian restaraunts: that they give very little food. India Cafe provides a full menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, from the Malabar Shrimp of the deep south to the Kashmiri Chicken of the extreme north and everything in between. The service is informal and yet attentive in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. 



India Cafe was born out of one woman's passion and love for cooking and entertaining, and the idea lay dormant for twenty years only to be resurrected when the chef's youngest child went off to college.

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